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About Me!

If I'm not behind the camera or editing away, you can most likely find me chasing after my two kids. My family is my everything! We love to travel to new places and create memories of our many adventures - and of course capture it on camera!! If we are not traveling we are probably doing a DIY project to our new home! Our kids fill our lives with purpose and life. Our #1 goal as their parents is to lead a healthy lifestyle for our kids to see in all facets of life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


When I first began this journey I had no idea it would grow to be this successful! I have been blessed to take this passion of mine to different parts of the world and be recognized as a published photographer. While the accomplishments have been special, they will never compare to the gratification I receive from clients who express their gratitude in their feedback. Knowing I helped capture those special moments for them to have for a lifetime is unbeatable for me!  


Published Work

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